The Best Way to Clean Contact Lenses

Many people are afraid to try wearing contact lenses because they have heard horrific stories about people getting eye infections and even going blind and the contact lenses are often blamed. The truth is that contact lenses are a safe and an effective method of helping your eyesight and almost all infections are not the result of the lenses themselves but, caused by incorrect cleaning of the contact lenses.

Cleaning your contact lenses is a straightforward and easy procedure but, it does require you to follow specific guidelines to ensure that you keep your lenses and their case as bacteria free as possible. By consulting with your optometrist and following these few simple steps you should be able to wear your contact lenses with no worry of infection to your eyes.

Clean Your Case

Even a single drop of water sitting in your contact lens case can house hundreds of bacteria. That is why it is essential to clean your contact lens case daily and make sure it is completely dry before putting your inexpensive contacts back to where you keep them. The best time to clean your case is immediately after removing your contact lenses for the day. Pour 3% hydrogen peroxide inside the case and rub it for several seconds, then let it sit for about 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly in hot water and turn upside down on a clean towel to air dry throughout the day. When you are ready to remove and clean your contacts at the end of the day, your case will be clean and ready to place them in.

Cleaning Your Contacts

Correct way of cleaning your lens caseThere are two systems available for cleaning your contact lenses: the two-way system and all-in-one system. While many people prefer the all-in-one system because of its convenience, the fact of the matter is that the two-way system does a much better job of removing bacteria from your lenses than does the all-in-one system. For that reason, the two-in-one system offers the best care for your lenses and the best protection for your eyes.

The first step in the two-way cleaning system for contact lenses is the disinfecting of the lenses daily. This is done using a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Studies have shown that rubbing your lenses for 20 to 30 seconds removes more bacteria than soaking alone. Try soaking your lenses for a few seconds then rubbing them for 20 or 30 seconds and then dipping them again for another 20 seconds or so. This should remove most, if not all, the bacteria on your lenses.

You then rinse them with the neutralizing solution and put them in the clean case to keep fresh throughout the night.

Other Things to Consider in Keeping Your Contact Lenses Clean

Besides simply properly cleaning your lenses there are a few other things you will need to consider keeping your lenses as bacteria free as possible. First, before putting your lenses in your eye, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, rinse well and dry. Second, only handle your contact lenses with the tips of your fingers, and if one should fall on a countertop, table, or floor, it is always advisable to reclean your contact before putting it in your eye.

Don’t continually take your contacts out and put them on in the course of the day. Repeated handling of your contacts is bound to accumulate bacteria. If your contacts are uncomfortable enough that you feel the need to remove them regularly, it is best to leave them out for the day and wear your glasses giving your eyes a chance to rest.

You should also refrain from wearing your contacts if you have a case of pink eye or other eye condition as in these cases you are not only increasing the risk of spreading bacteria, but also slow the healing process.

Contacts are a wonderful alternative to glasses and provide you with the look you want at an affordable price. Keeping your contacts as clean and as bacteria free as possible will allow you to wear your contacts with complete comfort and confidence day in and day out.