Home Decorating Tips for Small Living Spaces

Home decorating tips for small living spaces

Selecting small space furniture and decor can be the most vexing challenge in creating your small living space. Your space should be functional and stylish as well as easy to live with.

Use Multifunctional Furniture

dining table that doubles as a workdesk

Although it can be tempting to look for small furniture pieces to ensure that they will all fit, it is actually better to choose larger pieces that can do double duty. Is a desk and dining room table necessary or could you combine these areas with a statement making table that allows you to host the whole family for dinner and, on a separate occasion, give you more than enough room to spread out your work space?

An open book shelf as a room divider can give structure to an open room by defining the space while allowing light to pass through and gives extra storage.

Increasing Storage Space in a Small Living Area

sectional sofa chair for small homes

In a small living space you need to be more cognizant than ever that everything needs a place. Tidiness is key so there is no such thing as enough storage space.

Look for furniture that offer hidden storage so you can free up that limited closet space for the things you really need in there.

For example, Ikea offers small scale sectionals that convert into sofa beds and even including bedding storage under the chaise section as well as over-sized chairs that unfold into single beds, again with available storage space underneath to hide the bedding.

Utilize Vertical Space for Storage

hanging shelves for small living spaces

You might be amazed how much larger your space can feel by leaving as much of your floor showing as possible. Consider floating shelves or a wall-mounted TV instead of bookshelves or a credenza that sits directly on the floor.

Mount cabinets and shelving right up to the ceiling. In a tall closet you might consider raising the bar for hanging clothes above your head to allow enough space beneath it for a second one.

Don’t Overlook Design in a Small Living Area

home decor for small homes

Window draperies can feel like they encroach on space but they also warm up a small space and make it cozy. Use tie backs to ensure they stay in their place. Ensure there is an oversupply of lighting as this will expand your space. Utilize bright over-head light or floor lamps, mixed with warm table lamps, task light over work surfaces and strip lighting in open shelving or under cabinets to create interest.

Candles and mirrors used as decor will additionally help with creating the illusion of space. Use mirrors opposite windows to reflect the outside view, inside.

Choosing the right furniture and decór can make living in a small space cozy and just as comfortable as living in larger spaces.