max  jones
Max Jones (Founder and Co-owner of Jones Walker) is a self-taught abstract artist born and
raised in Dallas TX. Max’s artistic journey began almost accidentally in his early days as a
gallery owner where he featured other people’s art. A publisher of a design magazine
happened to notice an unfinished painting in the back of Max’s studio where he painted as a
hobby. She commissioned a piece for herself that day with the agreement that Max would
put a piece of his own work out in the gallery for sale.
That first piece sold almost immediately and the rest as they say is history…Max has spent the
last decade honing his signature style which is a relaxed ethereal blending of colors inspired
primarily from nature. He works intuitively, adding layer upon layer until the final image
reveals itself. Max’s work is featured in many private and commercial collections throughout
the U.S.
and abroad. In 2015 McGaw Graphics , leading international art publisher, launched
the Max Jones Collection Worldwide and have published reproductions of Max's work in
more than 25 countries. Max is also a regular contributor to Prime Women Magazine where
he writes about art and home decor.
He lives and paints in Dallas, TX
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jennifer morgan
Jennifer Morgan is a Dallas-based artist whose work is brightly hued with
characters that dance in a light-hearted aura.  Her paintings are narrative with a
whimsical appeal, although some address serious issues.  She graduated from The
University of North Texas, where she studied art history, marketing and painting.  
Her first solo show was in May 2001.  Her work has also been featured at Cityville on
Fitzhugh, Neiman Marcus, The Belmont Hotel, The Ashton, Janette Kennedy Gallery,
Design Within Reach, Richard Hayler Salon, and Kitchen 1924.

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matt  kaplinsky
Matt Kaplinsky is an artist who creates Abtracts in mixed media, oils, and
encaustic.  It’s not unusual for the people of Dallas, Texas, to see a paint-
smudged bald guy in torn flannel picking over construction waste piles, or
cruising from plant nurseries to paint stores in a beaten black pickup called
“Big Thirsty”. When someone catches Matt in his studio painting (Matt likes
to work undisturbed generally), it is clear that Matt paints with focus and
determination as though on the verge of discovery. Despite an education
in the facts and science of Biology, Matt is clearly a dreamer who best
communicates his thoughts and feelings by freezing them in time on
canvas, board, and a variety of other materials.

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blakely bering
Blakely’s work reflects her theatrical sense and the action of her creation
remains powerful from thirty feet away. Her emotional abstractions are
playful, serious, and dramatic. She has been noted as a colorist for her
intricate rich layers of oil on panel.
amy  werntz
Amy Werntz was born in Springfield, MO, but has spent the past two decades in Texas. She
grew up in a family of artists which was both inspirational and intimidating; the talent
constantly surrounding her helped refine her abilities. Amy’s love for classical design and
styling is constantly drawing her to the high contrast found in black and white imagery.
Through her paintings she is able to bring this contrast to life with the mix of vibrant colors,
and the juxtaposition of the textures of the stained wood, or various papers her paintings
are created on. Amy received her BFA in interior design at the Art Institute of Dallas. She
currently practices interior design and resides in Dallas, painting in her free time.
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